Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think alot of us have something that takes us back to our childhood years.  Whether it is a sound, smell or by sight there seems to be something that whisks us right back to where we have come from.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago I can remember almost always being outside.  Playing ball in the yard, climbing trees (which I did alot of), playing ghost in the graveyard with all our chilhood friends, whatever it was we always seemed to be outside.  In the back yard of our tiny house with the pink awning I will always remember our lilac bush.  While driving with the windows down the other day I caught my first smell of spring.  The strong but wonderful scent of lilac immediately took me back to those times of carefree play and I felt like a child again.  Oh how I remember that smell!

I wanted to pay tribute to the most legendary flower in my memory by featuring some fantastic Etsy sellers.  Within these beautiful shops I hope you will find inspiration and rememberance.  Don't forget mother's day if approaching quickly and each one of these shops have beautiful items that I am sure every mother would love and possibly take her back to a glorius memory that has too soon been forgotten.



New Hampshire Gardener said...

thank you for featuring my lilac photograph. Lilacs usually bloom in May in New Hampshire but everything is so early this year I wouldn't be surprised to see them in April.
Your blog is lovely.
Judy stalus

Stephanie said...

Beautiful lilacs! I do love them and wish they would grow here in Florida. Thanks for including my soap! :)

MYSAVIOR said...

I love your tribute to the lilacs. They are truly part of God's creations.

Dionne said...

LOVE that Lilac photo!

Christie Cottage said...

I love the lilacs from Beautiful! She has a wonderful shop!

SHEILA said...

All the photos and products are beautiful. I've purchased cards from MySavior before and they are indeed gorgeous. Love the colors!

Genius Jewels said...

Thank you everyone!

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