Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is finally here!

I love spring!  As do many!!  A large part of my inspiration comes from nature so a big part of what I make is inspired by the seasons.  Right now you will find all kinds of flowers and bright colors in your yard and neighborhood as well as in my store!  Also with spring can come the rain!  I always brighten my rainy days with brightly colored clothing and jewelry.  It helps me feel like the sun will shine again!

Here in East Tennessee it has been beautiful.  Lots of playing outside and taking nature walks with the family so lots of pictures!  Recently we bought a new camera and like most I have a hard time understanding everything it can do for me.  I was playing with it yesterday and took some really great pics (well I think so) of one of our dogwood trees and thought I would share.  I am by no means a professional photographer but I like them and hope you will too!! 

So if you are here in the states then HAPPY SPRING everyone!  If you are elsewhere then enjoy your season!  Each one has it's own beauty and inspirational qualities so take advantage and have fun.  I would love to hear about what inspires you.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to the all new blog for Genius Jewels.

My goal is to share my creations as well as some wonderful finds from the internet.  I know searching and searching can be very time consuming so hopefully I can help you by providing some of my faves!  Watch for featured artists and interviews that will be coming in the future.

A little bit about me, Kelly and why I started Genius Jewels.  I am a stay at home mommy to 5 and I wanted something that I could have as my own.  I have always had a creative streak and love to design and make new items.  I also have a passion for jewelry, but not the expensive kinds!  With 5 kids, expensive jewelry has never been in the budget but I as many want to look good.  A beautiful pair of earrings have always helped me feel like I look my best.  So I began creating jewelry.

My creations are for all tastes.  I create beautiful, big and bold to simple, sweet styles.  My jewelry mood changes from day to day and it is reflected in the pieces I wear and the pieces I create.  I truly believe that jewelry is a work of art.  It can brighten the wearers day or even those around them.

I hope to inspire others with my creations and my new blog.