Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you Alaska!!!

I just got back from my first real vacation in about 10 years.  We went to Anchorage, Alaska and while Anchorage is a great town we were definitely wowed when we rented a car and headed onto the road. 

Two days we went south towards Whittier and Seward.  Both were beautiful towns and on the way to both were wonderful views and hiking trails.  Whittier was very charming.  You get into Whittier through a 2.6 mile tunnel through the mountain that can only accomodate people going one way at a time.  So on the hour you can leave Whittier and on the half you can go into Whittier.  The town is very charming with small shops and friendly people.  Whittier is where we hopped on our 26 glacier cruise.  If you have not done one I highly recommend going to Alaska and doing it!  We were very fortunate that it was not very cold when we visited and there was hardly any rain.  We were really spolied!  On the cruise we spotted sea otters, harbour seals and the most beautiful glaciers.

Seward is another beautiful little town with spectacular views.  We visited the sealife center and they had the most lively and adorable sea lion ever!  His name is Woody and we were there at the right time.  It was feeding time!  Woody was performing tricks like sticking his tongue out and jumping on and off his rock.  It was just so fascinating since he was such a large sea lion!

On another day we decided to travel north of Anchorage.  The drive was not as scenic as it was South but at the end we found a quaint little town called Talkeetna.  I guess it is considered the doorway to Denali but it can sure stand on it's own.  It is very small but has many little wonderful shops and our favorite the Denali Brewing Company.  It was fun to sample their beers and then have a nice dinner in their restaurant Twister Creek.  It was so much fun.  And the town was so welcoming and people were so nice.  Hardly anyone driving up and down the road but instead there were kids riding up and down on their bikes and lots of folks just walking about.

I had never had the urge to go to Alaska but decided to tag along on my husbands business trip and I am so glad I did!  It is so hard to explain the true beauty that we saw.  From the wild moose to the bright blue glaciers I will always remember Alaska and I will always encourage others to visit if given the chance!