Friday, April 23, 2010


So the husbands new hobby is fishing.  Of course he has fished before but now he is really getting interested in it.  I think it is great.  It is hard with 5 kids to find time to relax, as well as spend time with all the kids individually.  Hopefully fishing will become a way for husband and our 3 boys to spend some time together outside and without the girls.  Of course if the girls want to go they can but I don't see that happening too much.

So far husband has taken our 7 year old with him.  The 7 year old says he loved it.  Not sure if he loved being with dad or if he loved putting the worms on the hooks or both.  But as long as he had fun and enjoyed being outside I am happy!  Hopefully this is something that will continue and doesn't get too out of hand (if he pulls up in some big fishing boat I am outta here : ).

I wanted to share a few pictures from there fishing trip because they were so excited to go.  Hopefully this is the first of many father son fishing trips!  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy those loved ones in your life!!!


T @ Poppy Place said...

That is too cute. I think it is wonderful to have special projects with each kid, but I am sure it is challenging with 5.

Happy Weekend, T. :)

Hali said...

What about some father daughter time?

Genius Jewels said...

There is too much father daughter time with softball!!! : )

Anonymous said...

how sweet! I loved one on one time with my parents when I was little

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