Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoo Day

Nice weather over spring break almost always means a trip to the zoo.  We go all throughout the year but this is the only time (besides summer) where all 5 of my kiddos are off.  So I thought I would take this trip to look for inspiration for my jewelry.  I took many, many pictures yesterday but one that really stood out was the gideon. 

The gideons have always been a favorite of ours.  They are always entertaining.  Mostly swinging and yelling but yesterday the one looked rather peaceful and thoughful.  At least for a moment.  Then he went right back to swinging and jumping as usual.

When I downloaded my photos I knew I was going to make an item inspired by the gideon.  I also knew they had to be dangles since our friends our always swinging and playing when we visit.  So here are my new earrings and my inspiration for them.  Enjoy!


FoundDaily said...

He looks thrilled!

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